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"The window" through the eyes of a child on the spectrum

I came across a very special quote on Facebook the other day that I think is so true, “Bless those who see Life through a different window and those who understand their views.” Though the author of this particular quote is unknown, it rings true in so many ways. As a Speech Language Pathologist working in the schools and working in the homecare early intervention field, working with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder provides extremely unique and fulfilling experiences as well as allowing me to see the world through different lenses. What does this different lens look like?

As a professional in the field and working close with many families living with ASD, understanding the world through a “different window” is one of the most critical things a parent can come to understand. What does this “different window” mean? The unique part of the world of Autism is that no two windows are alike. The key is to follow the child’s lead to and to see what their “window” view is like and to use it as their strength and not a weakness.

Having the pleasure to work with so many little ones, it was essential during therapy to find out what motivated them, what would make them want to communicate via gestures/signs, verbal language, and/or all communication modes. What may be the perfect reinforcer for one child, may not be so for another, and that’s ok! The important thing is to see what motivates them, understand their “window,” see through it and embrace it. It may be very different from our own.

Kimberly Lydtin


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