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All About Autism

Twelve years ago when I began working with children who are on the autism spectrum, I was highly on demand. One, because I was one of the very few therapist that provided the services of applied behavior analysis that was Spanish speaking, and second, because I was willing to travel and go to the so called, "dangerous neigborhoods" and into the very impoverished homes found in the basements of Queens, NY. 

As time went by I've established beautiful friendships with wonderful families and remained as part of their extended family. Through the years the one complaint all the families had in common was not having an after school program that was appropriate for the special needs of their child. They all wished they had a place their children could go to after regular school hours were over. They all wished their children would be able to socialize with other children, join fun activities, do sports and most of all be accepted. Most of all they wish they could afford the private programs that were appropriate for children on the autism spectrum but were to expensive or not located in their community.


After years of planning, what were the needs of children on the spectrum, "All About Autism" was born. We provide an environment that is welcoming, nurturing but most of all safe. Every child will be assessed and have an individualized program that will be tailored to their academic, language, daily living, and social skills needs. We provide one-on-one guidance to parents by qualified staff, as well as mentoring from experienced parents to help and guide each other through the difficult yet wonderful journey.


Aside from homework assistance, we will also provide Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy in our wonderful sensory gym. Other activities will include board games, arts, crafts, music, theater, dancing, yoga, photography, cooking, graphic designing in computers etc.


In the summer, we will begin outside sports games, as well as camping, and day explorations in and outside our community. We will also have special social skills groups that will have a designated peer-model where students learn from one another while developing meaningful and reciprocal relationships with each other. As well as being able to generalize appropriate social skills with family members, peers, neighbors and the community. 

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