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Laughing and Crying with Autism

When you have a child with special needs, your life does a stunning change. You are no longer yourself rather two bodies with one heart. However have you begun to think what does this turn entail? I can begin by explaining that sleeping an entire night becomes merely a dream, that you can go to several different supermarkets on the search of the same brand. That your outings become doctors visits and you become popular among the neighborhood pharmacist. That your car becomes a box of surprises and your house a day care. That you will have to be in high alert waiting to get hit or bitten and have the bravery to take it. Accept that vacations do not exist and eating a meal is not anymore “normal” because every minute counts. Understand that no matter how many actions or sacrifices yo do there will always be a bystander that will tell you what to do with your child and you will bite your tongue and fold your hands tight. Sinning in thoughts when an ignorant tells you “oh your child does not look autistic” because they believe they are doing you a favor; That going shopping is a luxury and that your child could mistake a “No, leave that alone” Get dow from there” with their last name. That when you can finally enjoy a glass of wine, it will be the best 2 minutes reward you've had in 24 hours! That when your cell phone rings you don't look at the caller id, rather you immediately think “What alarm activated now” Getting dressed in the morning with whatever coat you first find and plenty of patience to be able to wait for the morning bus. Developing your sense of smell when your child decides to do “Arte” around your entire house by taking something brown from their diapers. And also know that ABA, OT, ASD, SPD, ADA, IEP, FAPE, NCLB, SLP, BIP, FBA, FERPA, LRE, IEE y AT are not just abbreviations rather the ones who will guide you and help your child get better.

We as mother don’t need compassion or your pity rather we demand respect; we are admirable!

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