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Remembering Avonte!

On October 4th marked one year in which 14-year old Avonte Oquendo, a non verbal boy with autism, walked passed the security post of his school "Riverview School in Long Island City, Queens" and walked right out. 3months later, his badly decomposed body was washed up on a beach in Queens.

A few days ago, several mothers of children with special needs and I, were discussing their concerns for their children now in attending preschool. We discussed the possibility of the children wearing ID bracelets, also not only writing the names of their child in the back of their clothes but as well, writing their addresses. The other possibility was the "tracking and other GPS devices" you can place in their pockets or as bracelts. They're alittle pricey but "well worth it for the life of my child" said every mother spoke to.

Other precautions you can take as a mother with a child with special needs is, make sure you write it in their IEP. It will be goal to continuously work on until they learn not woner away anymore, and the teachers, administrators and all security at the school will be aware and alerted of this behavior.


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